Kathy Whitman-Elk Woman -  "Creating from the heart"
         Eco-Conscious Jewelry And Art
I began my endeavor of creating jewelry from recycled aluminum cans, in an effort to make an active contribution to the well-being and healing of the sacred Mother Earth.  My people, the northern plains tribes, Mandan, Hidatsa and Arikara nations, used every part of the buffalo.  We used the meat for food, the hides for clothing and shelter, the bones for tools and the horns for utensils.  The spirit of the buffalo helped us in the past and continues to help us be resilient and live strong.  Recycling or using all materials that are byproducts, is an ancient way of the peoples of the world.  We’ve become a “throw away”, wasteful society.  It is time to return to the ways of our ancestors and make a conscious effort to live in balance.
Through the purchase of the Eco-conscious, recycled aluminum can jewelry, one also contributes to the healing of the sacred Mother Earth, as well as, raising the consciousness of society while being adorned in beauty.
Keep in mind, that all the Eco-conscious, recycled aluminum can jewelry and artwork, can be produced in any aluminum can, and color, if available.  You may specify the can and color when ordering. 
"Rose",  $50"Sacred Life",  $50Conchos,  $60"Camelion Rats",  $200
"Dream State",  $320Dragonfly and Flowers,  $500Flowers,  $800"Believe"
Flower on headband
Recycled aluminum can Flower on plastic headband.
Price: $20.00
type of can:
Dragonfly Earrings
Dragonflies 2"
Price: $20.00
type of can:
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                                                LEAPING FROG                                              
Leaping frog, leaping frog,
Conscious, you are,
Soothing is your sound,
Reminders of calm waters,
And moonlit nights,
Gentle breezes,
Cleanse the air,
Harmonious rapture,
To defeat despair.
And ever-changing,
A metamorphosis occurs,
We too,
Can make
A positive change.
Let us be butterflies,
And bring forth beauty.
Hovering and flying,
From pond to desert
Resilient, you are,
Sacred water, giver of life,
Beckons you,
You return,
So, may we….
All creation,
Affects our lives,
We affect all of creation.
We are blessed.
Raise the consciousness.
BY: Kathy Whitman-Elk Woman
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